Migdal Ohr UK, together with HGSS, distributed over 400 creative charity boxes.


As part of the Chag Saveah for Children’s Campaign efforts, Migdal Ohr UK, in partnership with Hampstead Garden Synagogue distributed over 400 creative charity boxes for the children of their community.  The initiative, known as   “The Fun Bus” was carried out alongside the fantastic Rabbinic team of Hampstead Garden Synagogue.

The charity box itself was created by Amit Fraser Migdal Ohr’s Executive Director who said:  

” In these challenging times, it’s essential to educate our children of the importance of being charitable as well as encouraging them to save up spare change in order to make a real difference to orphaned children.”

Create your Charity Box with your child

Start a creative project with your child and raise money using our charity box

The Migdal Ohr Charity Box was created as a fun and easy way to encourage your child to start saving up spare change in order to donate it to charity.

You really can make a difference

f we all start teaching our children about charitable giving, the world will be a better place. You can make a real difference by getting involved with our Charity Box project, giving your children a fun and creative way to give to charity. Allowing us to continue helping children just like them, who deserve a warm & loving home.

For more information about our charity box and for distributions in your school or synagogue, please contact us: contact@migdalohr.org.uk

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