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Migdal Ohr UK is an organisation that focuses on education and essential support for underprivileged children and families in Israel. 

Here are some opportunities how you can get involved with us:


1. Volunteer: Offer your time and skills to help with various projects and initiatives run by Migdal Ohr UK. This might include tutoring, mentoring, or assisting with fundraising events.


2. Donate: Contribute financially to support the organisation's programmes and initiatives. Your donations can go a long way in providing education and essential resources to those in need.


3. Sponsor a Child: Consider sponsoring the education and well-being of a specific child through Migdal Ohr. Your sponsorship can make a significant impact on a child's life.


4. Participate in Fundraising Events: Get involved in Migdal Ohr UK's fundraising events and campaigns. You can participate in charity runs, walks, or other fundraising activities to raise money for the cause.


5. Spread Awareness: Help raise awareness about Migdal Ohr UK and its mission. Share their stories and achievements on social media, and encourage others to get involved.


6. Host Fundraising Gatherings: Organise local events or gatherings in your community to raise funds and awareness for Migdal Ohr UK. This could be a charity dinner, auction, or cultural event.


7. Educational Initiatives: If you have expertise in education, consider sharing your knowledge with Migdal Ohr's educational programmes. This could involve guest lectures or workshops.


8. Mentorship Programmes: Offer mentorship to young people supported by Migdal Ohr. Your guidance and support can help them build a better future.


9. Join our Committee: We have committees and advisory boards that you can join to help shape the organisation's strategy and direction.


10. Corporate Partnerships: If you represent a company or organisation, explore opportunities for corporate partnerships with Migdal Ohr UK, such as sponsoring programs or offering in-kind donations.


11. Legacy Giving: Consider leaving a legacy by including Migdal Ohr UK in your will or estate planning. This long-term support can have a lasting impact on the organization's mission.


12. Advocate for the Cause: Advocate for policies and initiatives that support the well-being and education of underprivileged children and families, both locally and globally.


13. Skill-Based Volunteering: If you have specific skills, such as marketing, finance, or legal expertise, offer your services to help Migdal Ohr UK with specific projects or challenges.


14. Holiday Drives: Organise holiday drives to collect essential items like clothing, school supplies, or food for the beneficiaries of Migdal Ohr UK.


15. Collaborate with Schools: Partner with local schools and educational institutions to create awareness and support for Migdal Ohr UK's educational programmes.

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