Start a creative project with your child and raise money using our charity box

The Migdal Ohr Charity Box was created as a fun and easy way to encourage your child to start saving up spare change in order to donate it to charity. 

As parents, we know it all starts with us, teaching our children that not everybody is as privileged and lucky as we are. We can make them aware that there are some children in the world that are suffering and helping them should be important to all of us.

The Migdal Ohr charity box is a great way to give our children a creative project to undertake, while teaching them about charitable giving at the same time! It can show how even a little bit of money can make a difference when given with a good heart and a way to ease them into it without making them feel pressured to do so.


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Get Creative

We have created an easy to use template, outlining all of the steps to take in order to construct the box. There are guide lines for your children to follow when cutting and folding, and we've left a blank side for them to customise it using some of their creative flair!


Get Your Charity Box PDF Now

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We've Come So Far!

Over the years this single educational institution founded by Rabbi Grossman grew into an educational campus that teaches and educates thousands of students.

Some are from needy families, orphans, and others from families of new immigrants recently arrived in Israel. All benefit from the educational campuses as well as from a warm and caring environment in the boarding school.

Students have graduated from Migdal Ohr over the years
of graduates pursue higher education either in college or Yeshiva
children participate in Migdal Ohr's summer camp each year
Impoverished and at-risk children are provided a home annually

You really can make a difference

If we all start teaching our children about charitable giving, the world will be a better place. You can make a real difference by getting involved with our Charity Box project, giving your children a fun and creative way to give to charity. Allowing us to continue helping children just like them, who deserve a warm & loving home.