Kneading Traditions: Orot bEmek Primary Students Embrace Passover with Hands-On Matzah Baking


As Passover approaches, the halls of Orot b´Emek Primary School are filled with the aroma of freshly baked Matzah as students dive into the age-old tradition with enthusiasm and joy.


In a heartwarming display of heritage and learning, students at Orot b´Emek have embarked on a hands-on Matzah baking experience, immersing themselves in the spirit of the upcoming holiday. Surrounded by flour, rolling pins, and the warmth of tradition, they’ve transformed humble dough into delicious Matzah, connecting with their heritage in a tangible and meaningful way.

But this isn’t just about baking; it’s about so much more. It’s a cherished opportunity for our students to deepen their understanding of Passover, its significance, and the rich traditions that accompany it. Through their focused efforts and beaming smiles, they’ve not only created Matzah but also lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for their cultural heritage.

As we witness the joy and enthusiasm of our students, we’re reminded of the beauty of our traditions and the importance of passing them on to future generations. These moments of shared learning and celebration serve as a testament to the vibrant spirit of our community and the enduring legacy of our Jewish heritage.

Let’s join together in spreading the warmth and excitement of preparing for Passover, as we wish everyone a season filled with joy, reflection, and togetherness.

If you’d like to get involved and help our children this Passover, check out our Chag Saveach campaign.

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