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Open your heart this Passover


As Passover approaches, we’re reminded of the hardships faced by thousands of displaced families in Israel since the events of October 7th. Over 700,000 children in Israel won’t be able to eat during the festival. The joy and hope that this season traditionally brings are overshadowed by the struggle of these families to secure even the most basic of needs.

For over 20 years, Migdal Ohr has provided essential food packages through the Chag Saveah for Children Campaign. This year, due to the war and economic struggles, we need your help more than ever to ensure these families receive support. These packages are not just about providing the items necessary for a traditional Seder, but about delivering sustenance, hope, and a sense of community during these trying times.

We’re working with IDF soldiers, volunteers, and local communities to provide food and supplies for 40,000 families in need.

Your donation will facilitate the distribution of vital food packages across Israel, allowing displaced families to celebrate Passover with the dignity and joy they deserve.

 May your Passover be filled with blessings and profound meaning. Together, we can spread light and liberation to our brothers and sisters in Israel.


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Your Donation. Their Future.

Please enable us to reach our target of 40,000 parcels for Migdal Ohr’s Chag Saveah for Children Campaign.

* If you are able, please consider sponsoring a complete Passover family meal for £1,800 or a larger delivery of food for £1,000 that will feed an entire family for a week.

All proceeds go to the Migdal Ohr Chag Saveah for Children Campaign in Israel.

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Introducing Avi and Yael: Hope Amidst Adversity

Meet Avi and Yael, a brother and sister navigating through life’s turbulent waters, marked by the ravages of war and financial hardships. However, their story is not unique in Israel, where numerous children grapple with the harsh realities of hunger, uncertainty, and challenging living conditions. 

In the face of adversity, Avi and Yael find a glimmer of hope. Generous donations have ensured that they, along with their family, can observe Passover in its traditional essence, complete with a festive meal that symbolizes freedom and renewal. Their gratitude towards the compassionate individuals who have made this possible is boundless.

Avi shares his anticipation with a heart full of joy: “This Passover, we’re set to embrace happiness just like everyone else. I’m deeply thankful to all the kind souls who have extended their support. Now, the holiday season feels even more special, knowing that we can celebrate with our loved ones and perhaps, share our blessings with friends.” 

Yael, equally excited, looks forward to the familial rituals: “I’m eager to arrange our table with the cherished plates and cups. This Passover promises to be memorable and heartwarming!”

Their stories remind us of the power of community support and generosity, shining a light on the resilience and optimism that prevail even in the most challenging times.

Each food parcel includes:

Rice, vegetables, olives, salt, sugar, chocolate cake, tomato puree, oil, grape juice & kiddush wine, couscous, soup, almonds, coffee, snacks, and more.

We're grateful for your support in achieving our goals!

The impact of our Chag Saveach campaign


years since Chag Saveach initiative has run for


food packages have been packed to date


families have been supported to date


children face food insecurity during Passover


volunteers packed food parcels last year


different locations reached across Israel


local businesses have partnered with us

One food package =

one meal for family of five

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We've Come So Far!

Migdal Ohr helps tens of thousands of needy families throughout the country ahead of the holidays.

For two decades, the organization has been holding the Chag Saveah  for Children campaign, in which volunteers from all over the Israeli spectrum – secular, ultra-Orthodox, soldiers, school children, celebrities, politicians and members of Knesset – take part.

The spirit of giving and love of Rabbi Grossman unites all around him with the joy of doing and helping others.

More than 40,000 food parcels are distributed to needy families every year
Two decades of giving in the Chag Saveah for Children campaign
So far, over one hundred thousand of families have received food packages before Jewish holidays
Thousands of volunteers help us every year to collect, pack and distribute food parcels