Chag Saveah for Children Campaign


Open your heart to help us feed needy families and Ukrainian refugees in Israel

Over the past 50 years, Rabbi Grossman has become a symbol of national unity and love.

As Passover approaches, we appeal to you to help Israel’s poorest children and families prepare their seder meals with joy and dignity. So many of us are fortunate enough to look forward to celebrating Seder with family and friends in a warm and loving space, but there are currently over 900,000 children who will not be able to eat this festival in Israel. Migdal Ohr is working in partnership with IDF soldiers, volunteers, and local communities to package and deliver food and essential supplies to help 40,000 families in need.

This year, Chag Saveah has taken on a new meaning as we are also supporting the Jewish Ukrainian refugee families who have managed to escape the Russian invasion and find a new home in Israel. .

Your Kindness. Their Future.

Please enable us to reach our target of 40,000 parcels for Migdal Ohr’s Chag Saveah for Children Campaign.
* If you are able, please consider sponsoring a complete Passover family meal for £1,800 or a larger delivery of food for £1,000 that will feed an entire family for a week.

All proceeds go to the Migdal Ohr Chag Saveah for Children Campaign in Israel.


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Chag Saveah three girls

Receiving for Giving 

Migdal Ohr’s Chag Saveah for Children campaign is incredibly inspiring, having started in 2003 when a few underprivileged teens had the idea to collect and distribute food to needy families like their own. Rabbi Grossman didn’t just help the teens to realise their vision, he empowered them to create an initiative that would unite people all over Israel to help their communities!  We have the opportunity to join Israelis from every segment of society in an effort of incredible love to care for our brothers and sisters in need.  Here is the story of Galina, a Jewish Ukrainian mother…


Dear Friends,

I want to thank you for the food and supplies that we are receiving before Passover. When we first arrived in Israel from Kyiv, Ukraine, I knew nothing. I was a single mother with two young children and cleaned homes. There was no one to help us until we found Migdal Ohr.

Now my daughter Svetlana attends Migdal Ohr’s Machshava school and everything that we know about Judaism is based on what she brings home. The staff and teachers have become like our family! Thanks to you, instead of stressing about how I will pay for a seder and kosher food, this is a wonderful time in our home.

We feel that we are part of the Jewish people — a nation that is loving, generous, and connected all over the world. Thank you for helping families like ours celebrate Passover!


Please enable us to reach our target of 40,000 parcels for Migdal Ohr’s Chag Saveah for Children Campaign.

You really can make a difference

Join us and help continue our mission to provide a warm and accepting home to thousands of children.


We've Come So Far!

Migdal Ohr helps tens of thousands of needy families throughout the country ahead of the holidays.

For more than a decade, the organization has been holding the Chag Saveah  for Children campaign, in which volunteers from all over the Israeli spectrum – secular, ultra-Orthodox, soldiers, school children, celebrities, politicians and members of Knesset – take part.

The spirit of giving and love of Rabbi Grossman unites all around him with the joy of doing and helping others.

More than 40,000 food parcels are distributed to needy families every year
Over 15 years of giving in the Chag Saveah for Children campaign
Up until now, over one hundred thousend of families have received food packages before Jewish holidays
Thousands of volunteers help us every year to collect, pack and distribute food parcels