Cooking Demo With Lisa Roukin


Cooking Demo With Lisa Roukin

Tuesday 10th September 2019 at 11am in Finchley

Join us for a Rosh Hashanah Cooking Demo with author Lisa Roukin, chef of mindful-eating recipes and delicious kosher food. 

This event is in aid of the children of Migdal Ohr, and all the proceeds will go to the “Cooking up a Future” programme. Learn more about the programme here.

Migdal Ohr is Israel’s leading nationwide non-profit educational network that has been providing an enlightening framework and life-changing essential programmes and services to nearly 12,000 disadvantaged and orphaned Jewish children across Israel since 1972.

Ticket are £50 per person including cooking demo and Lunch 

For more information about our event, please contact Susie or Amit at or on 075 9534 2491

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About Lisa Roukin

Lisa Roukin is an author, chef and teacher, with an absolute passion for nutritional, wholesome and delicious food.  Through her own challenging journey, she has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience that has led her to become a gluten-free expert, and industry leader in healthy eating.  Lisa has now devoted her life to sharing her passion and encouraging, supporting and inspiring people to change their dietary habits for the better.

Lisa self-published her debut cookery book, My Relationship with Food, which features 100 delicious, nourishing and seasonal recipes; all gluten-free and with minimal use of dairy and refined sugar.  She spends much of her time teaching, which begins with educating children to understand the importance of good nutrition, instilling good habits from an early age.  Lisa also teaches cooking to private clients in their homes, and regularly visits employees of leading blue chip companies, including Google and Facebook, running interactive cookery workshops, and advising on the benefits of mindful eating.  A partnership with an established contract caterer, involves offering healthy options to a number of city banks, encouraging nutritional eating in the workplace. 

Lisa firmly believes that everyone has their own relationship with food, from allergies or intolerances, dieting and being faced with an eating issue, to simply having a love of all things edible.  Through many ups and downs, Lisa eventually turned her own relationship with food around. She adopted a gluten-free diet, limiting dairy products and refined sugars.  She sees food as a ritual and relishes the entire process, from the exhilaration of creating new wholesome recipes, to the joy in sharing them through her work, and with her family and friends.  Lisa is now in her element, fulfilling a lifelong ambition; inspiring people to see food as a friend, not as an enemy.

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