Migdal Ohr Educational Campus​

The children of Migdal Ohr benefit from individual attention and education for values which provides them a firm foundation for a new life of creativity and contribution to society and the state. We have many different projects that ensure we achieve this.


Zoharim Youth Village

Zoharim Youth Village is a boarding school and a pioneer in this sphere, as it accepts Orthodox youth.

The Zoharim Youth Village provides a safe home and stable environment for at-risk Orthodox boys who dropped out of the Orthodox educational system and were abandoned by their family and community. Students at the Zoharim Youth Village receive education, a warm environment and emotional support, and they learn practical professions such as carpentry, agriculture and therapeutic horseback riding.

The Zoharim Youth Village started with just 60 students, yet today it serves as a home for over 120 students. This project receives some endorsement and support from the Education Ministry and provides equal opportunities for these young adults in acquiring a profession and be the next generation of Israeli manufacturers.

Due to our rapid growth, we cannot provide adequate accommodation for all of our students. Therefore, we are working diligently on home plans with construction specification of 504m2 for ten rooms accommodating 40 Orthodox young people. Every room will have four beds, a bathroom, a storage room and air-conditioning, as well as a chest of drawers and closet for each boarder.

Cost £312,000

Foster Family Programme

One of the most important projects to be incorporated at our centre is the Foster Family Programme. In this project, every foster family looks after twelve children and teenagers.

They all live together, where the foster carers provide practical and emotional support to those children in order to help them thrive and build the skills that they would require for adulthood.  The uniqueness of this programme is that the care-givers live together with all twelve children and young adults, rather than placing them in a boarding school.

Children under this programme are given full emotional support and educational services. In addition, they receive various benefits such as school fee exemption, school supplies, three meals daily, private lessons, entertainment, transportation, medical care, pocket money, clothes, etc.  The core student body is comprised of boys and girls from dysfunctional homes and environments. Therefore, our primary focus is to provide these children and young adults with a loving and stable home as well as a good education, in order for them to escape the cycle of poverty.

Currently, the centre has two residential units, one for each family. We are hoping to build two more units in order to accommodate two additional foster families.

Cost £750,500


Migdal Ohr Educational Institutions

Migdal Ohr serves as an important educational institution for 6,000 children, who came from troubled and disadvantaged families.

Migdal Ohr provides these children help and support through professional staff, such as specialised therapists, teachers and social workers. Since this institution serves as a home for those children, our staff are entirely devoted to those children needs at all times, seven days a week.

However, some of the staff have their own families with young children, so we have had to create a suitable social and educational framework them. We feel that this is the least that we can do for our team, who are unconditionally devoted to the unprivileged children, especially as their job description requires availability at all times.

Gefan Child Care Facility was set up in 2017 and is situated at the heart of Migdal Ohr Educational Institution. At our Gefan Child Care Facility, we provide full support and knowledge to unprivileged children, offering these children various group activities, creative workshops and special activity for the holidays. Our activities provide them the option to acquire various skills together with enjoyable moments.

Cost £53,000

Without us, many of these children would have no where else to go and their lives would have no hope. Without YOU we cannot continue to provide a warm, loving home to thousands of children, you can make a real difference

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