A Visit from President Herzog to Migdal Ohr


Such an honor!

President Herzog and officials from his office visited Migdal HaEmek, touring the university, and learning about our activities, programs, and institutions, with which we help Israel’s most needy families.

Migdal Ohr’s therapeutic and educational initiatives can serve as an example for all of Israel and the world, how to raise an at-risk, needy child, how to map their skills and abilities, how to tap into their potential, how to develop them and guide them through the healing process of their traumas.


The children not only study in Migdal Ohr’s schools, but hundreds of them live on campus with foster families and in dormitories.

The Zoharim Boys Youth Village and Afikei Ohr Youth Village for Girls take students who have left the ultra-orthodox community and help them to finish high school, rebuild their confidence, and enlist in the IDF and national service.

Thanks to the Israeli government and the extraordinary infrastructure that Rabbi Grossman has dreamt and built, these kids are no longer abandoned but loved and encouraged to re-create their lives for a better future.

Rabbi Grossman’s vision is for Israel to be a bright light to the entire world and YOU are making that possible by investing in the futures of its future leaders and families.

Please click here to visit our facilities and learn more about our projects

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Charity number: 290371

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