Zoharim students are preparing for their final exams


It’s that time of the year when the boys at Migdal Ohr’s Zoharim Youth Village buckle down and focus on their final exams. The dedication and determination they are showing is nothing short of inspiring, and we couldn’t be prouder of their incredible progress!

These students, who once doubted their ability to graduate high school, have completely transformed their outlook on education. They’ve traded in their doubts for determination and their uncertainties for unwavering commitment. It’s a testament to their resilience and the unwavering support they have received from their teachers, mentors, and the Migdal Ohr community.

Take Dror, for example. Just a couple of years ago, graduating high school was the furthest thing from his mind. He found himself caught up in a whirlwind of distractions, going from one high to another. But today, he sits shoulder to shoulder with his Zoharim brothers, all preparing for their exams, driven by a newfound sense of purpose.

“It’s pretty crazy,” says Dror. “Two years ago graduating high school was the last thing on my mind. I was hopping from club to club, one high to another. Now, I’m sitting here with my Zoharim brothers, enrolled in the IDF, making sure that I can pass this physics exam.”

The transformation that these students have undergone is truly remarkable. From struggling to see a future beyond their current circumstances to becoming motivated individuals eagerly working toward their dreams, their journey is an inspiration to us all.

So let’s take a moment to applaud these incredible Zoharim students as they tackle their final exams. They have shown us that with perseverance and the right support, anything is possible. Their success serves as a reminder that every child deserves a chance to thrive and achieve their full potential.

Thank you for standing by them and being a part of their journey. Together, we are making a difference and empowering these young minds to reach for the stars!

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