Investments in 2024 for making a brighter future for our children


Open your heart and help us to provide a safe, warm home for thousands of children in need.

We are working hard each year to make a difference in the lives of more than 12,000 children. With the help of our generous supporters we were able to renovate our girls’ boarding school, and occupy two dormitories at Zoharim Youth Village.
Our dream is to constantly develop and get ahead, which is not possible without our kind-hearted supporters.

Our goal in 2023 is to make a real difference in the lives of more and more children by giving them a safe and secure place to call home, access to education, and the chance to build a brighter future.

Join us to build additional establishments for hundreds of kids at Afrikei Ohr and Zoharim Youth Villages.

Your Kindness. Their Future.

Please enable us to reach our target of £509,869 for the renovation of Afikei Ohr Girls' Youth Village and  £2,249,856 to complete the third dormitory and build two more, replacing the existing caravans that are no longer suitable for our growing community at K'far Zoharim.

All proceeds go to the Migdal Ohr Investment in Our Children's Future Campaign


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Afikei Ohr Youth Village 

The Afikei Ohr Youth Village is an extraordinary project in Israel providing a comprehensive and systematic response to the consistent increase in the number of teenage girls who have dropped out from the ultra-Orthodox community for various reasons and are living in risky conditions alienated from and excluded by their families and community. This residential school provides them with a warm second home and educational framework in which all their needs are met.

The Afikei Ohr Girls' Youth Village is set to undergo another construction work to create a permanent home for an additional 100 girls and bring the total to 220.

But we can't do such an incredible investment alone. Migdal Ohr needs your help to make this project a reality. With a budget of £509,869, every donation counts, no matter how big or small. Your contribution will help provide a home, education, and a brighter future for these girls. Let's come together and make a difference in their lives. Donate today and be a part of something truly special.

Zoharim Youth Village

The Zoharim Youth Village provides a safe home and stable environment for at-risk Orthodox boys who dropped out of the Orthodox educational system and were abandoned by their family and community. Students at the Zoharim Youth Village receive education, a warm environment and emotional support, and they learn practical professions such as carpentry, agriculture and therapeutic horse-riding.

K'far Zoharim is a place of hope, growth, and opportunity for vulnerable children in Israel. But there is still work to be done, and we need your help to make it happen. Our latest project is a mission to complete the third dormitory and build two more, replacing the existing caravans that are no longer suitable for our growing community.

With a budget of £2,249,856, this is a significant undertaking, but the rewards are immeasurable. With your support, we can provide safe, comfortable, and secure living spaces for even more children in need, giving them the stability and care they deserve.

So please, join us in this noble cause. Your generosity can make all the difference, providing a safe and nurturing environment for children who have experienced hardship and adversity.
Donate today, and let's build a better future together.

Please enable us to reach our target for our projects in 2024

You really can make a difference

Join us and help continue our mission to provide a warm and accepting home to thousands of children.