Currently, about 100 students attend Kfar Zoharim's youth village

Zoharim Youth Village is a therapeutic and educational village for youth at risk.

Village's goals include the aspect of children's rehabilitation and reconnection with their families, as well as the educational and civil aspect, putting an emphasis on acquiring a matriculation certificate, military conscription and integration into Israeli society.


The Zoharim Youth Village spreads over a large expanse of 40 acres in a valley full of green fields, vineyards and woods


Of Zoharim Youth Village graduates successfully complete their studies and gain a full matriculation certificate


Of Zoharim youth village graduates enlist in IDF combat units and have a meaningful army service


Students live and learn at the Zoharim youth village where the enjoy a first-class education

Today's Youth - The Citizens of Tomorrow

Zoharim Youth Village caters to youth from the ultra-orthodox community who are unable to find their place in regular ultra-orthodox educational frameworks. The village aims to give the young people a warm, home environment, guidance and life tools so that, when they become adults, they will become honest citizens who contribute to Israeli society.

The majority will take and pass their matriculation exams, will serve in the IDF and later on, build their future and choose the life style that most suits them –  ideological, spiritual and professional.


“Zoharim” Youth Village

We are complete transparent about how much we need for each child at the youth village. To find out exactly where your generosity would go and how it would help, we have put together a detailed document for you to look at.