Share the Spirit of Purim: Gift Mishloach Manot to Children in Need


As we approach the festival of Purim, a joyous time celebrated with costumes, Mishloach Manot, and community unity, it's important to remember those who may not have the opportunity to fully enjoy the festivities due to adversity. At Migdal Ohr, our mission is to spread warmth and celebration to every child under our care, especially those who continue to face challenges in the aftermath of the 7th of October tragedies.

This year, we invite you to join our "Sponsor a Child" campaign for Purim. Your sponsorship will gift a child in need with a festive costume, a Mishloach Manot, and the chance to partake in Purim activities, infusing their lives with joy and a sense of belonging.


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The story of Edri family

Hila and her family were displaced by the conflict last October. They found refuge and a fresh start at Migdal Ohr facilities. With the compassionate embrace of the Pninat Ohr school community, Hila received education and a nurturing environment, catalysing growth, learning, and healing for the whole family.

Hila, inspired by this support, now actively contributes to our activities, showcasing the healing power of community.

By sponsoring a child this Purim, you're not just providing gifts; you're offering a beacon of hope, much like we did for Hila and her family.

Let's make this Purim a turning point for children like those in the Edri family, demonstrating the profound impact of empathy, community, and resilience. Together, we can transform lives and rebuild hope amidst adversity.

If you have an Achisomoch account, Achisomoch has pledged to top up any Purim donations made between 23rd and 25th March by 5% via their website or using the QR code!

If you would like to sponsor a child for Purim directly through Migdal Ohr's website, please donate via this page. All proceeds go to the Migdal Ohr Purim Campaign in Israel.