Light up an orphan's heart

Orphans' Plan For Life


Migdal Ohr has taken the lead in helping families most affected by the 7th October massacres to heal and rebuild their lives.


Over 800 children and teenagers in Israel have been orphaned since the atrocities and the ensuing war. By 19th March 2024, 531 security system orphans and 244 civilian orphans had been added to the list. Unfortunately, this number continues to rise.


The orphaned children who survived the massacres are experiencing a unique and unprecedented bereavement in the history of the State of Israel and the Western world. They have lost both parents, siblings and extended family all at once, their communities and friends, their homes and belongings, and their pets. In most cases, these children experienced these horrors first hand, robbing them of their childhood, their innocence, their sense of security and their feeling of self-worth.


In response to this, Migdal Ohr has launched the unique Orphans’ Plan for Life programme, which aims to provide these orphans with a structured support system from childhood to adulthood, offering vital immediate and long-term aid, tailored to each child's individual needs through critical life stages. It is necessary to combine several different types of psychological treatments in a way that will properly encompass the dimensions of loss and grief, and these will be carried out in collaboration with the leading experts in their field. After their rehabilitation, these children will have financial needs for maintaining a normal life, academic studies, support during military service. By addressing immediate needs and investing in the long-term development of each child, Migdal Ohr is committed to fostering their growth, healing, and opportunity in the face of adversity.


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