Migdal Ohr UK Hosts Advocacy Business Breakfast on Support for Israel and Tackle Antisemitism


Migdal Ohr UK hosted an impactful business breakfast in a central London venue. The event aimed to bring together High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) in support of Israel and the vital work carried out by the charity. Renowned host Keith Fraser orchestrated the elegant gathering, which welcomed 25 distinguished guests, showcasing a steadfast commitment to Migdal Ohr’s cause and the broader Israeli community.

Esteemed guest speakers Rachel Riley and Amy Anzel graced the event, sharing profound insights into the rise of antisemitism in the UK and its implications for Israel. Their compelling discussions underscored the importance of solidarity, understanding, and proactive engagement in addressing these challenges head-on.

Richard Haruni, Migdal Ohr trustee, opened the event with a heartfelt welcome, setting a tone of unity and purpose. “Today, we gather not only to support Migdal Ohr’s transformative work but to affirm our collective stand against antisemitism and our unwavering support for Israel,” Haruni stated. “The insights from our esteemed speakers, Rachel and Amy, remind us of the critical need for dialogue, awareness, and action.”

Amit Fraser, who did the Closing address speech, talked about the importance of the work being done by the charity on the ground as part of the efforts for the war as well as to emphasise the importance of the mission we have to look after our children in times of crises.

Migdal Ohr’s Impactful Initiatives
Migdal Ohr’s impactful initiatives, including the Zoharim Youth Village and various educational programs, offer a lifeline to over 10,000 disadvantaged and orphaned children in Israel. The charity’s dedication to providing these children with a nurturing environment, education, and opportunities for a better future is a testament to its mission of light and hope.

Celebrating Resilience and Potential
The business breakfast not only shed light on the significant challenges faced but also celebrated the resilience, strength, and potential of the children and communities supported by Migdal Ohr. The event served as a platform to raise awareness and funds, contributing to ongoing efforts to rebuild lives and foster a brighter future for Israel’s next generation.

Gratitude and Acknowledgment
Migdal Ohr UK extends its deepest gratitude to Keith Fraser, Rachel Riley, Amy Anzel, Richard Haruni, and all attendees for their invaluable support and participation. Together, we stand more vital in our mission to empower, heal, and uplift.

This event truly exemplified the power of collective action in advocating for Israel and combating antisemitism. Through dialogue, awareness, and proactive engagement, the event demonstrated a unified commitment to building a brighter future for all.

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