Meor Yisrael High School celebrates its first class to complete the 3D Printing Course


After four years under the instruction of Dr Yaakov Milnovitz from the prestigious Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Migdal Ohr’s Meor Yisrael High School celebrated the accomplishments of it students who have worked diligently for four years to reach this moment.

At first, the students were offered the opportunity to participate in this unique course, and the only issue was time. Their schedules were filled from morning to night with studies, programs. These remarkable students volunteered to give up one of their free periods to make the program a reality. As part of the course, the students learned to work with a variety of specialized programs and 3D printing software, received significant tools in the various fields of entrepreneurship and brought their ideas to fruition in a unique and particularly impressive way.

Students acquired a wide range of skills in a variety of 3D design and printing technologies and were even able to plan and prepare solutions for various activities they encountered in their lives. Graduates of the program come out with a useful and sought-after profession that is a foundation in many fields. The use of 3D printing today is the basis for the progress of many projects in the fields of engineering, development, design and planning, and is used, among other things, for printing finished products and making high-quality prototypes.

Each of the students in the programme received a certificate that testifies to his skills and creativity that will serve as a ticket to many and varied positions in the Israeli and global economy. One of how students’ creativity is expressed and realized by the tools they have acquired is in collaboration with the Grabski Rehabilitation Center for People with Disabilities. The students visited the centre and saw its uniqueness, and during the visit, they discovered that some of the tenants have a disability that prevents them from performing actions that require excellent motor skills; one of the significant actions many cannot show is to press their distress button.

The students of the Meor Yisrael did not remain indifferent in the face of the distress they saw before their eyes and developed a unique device with the help of specialised software and printers that significantly increases the button’s pressing range and even allows it to be pressed not only with the fingers. The students brought the development to the residents of the Grabski Center, and the product has proven itself exceptionally well, and today about ten residents of the Center use the special device developed by the students and by clicking on it they get a quick response and no longer have to shout in times of distress.

On another occasion, the students of the trend realised during a Gemara lesson in Tractate Bava Batra that understanding the issue will be more accessible when it is illustrated in three dimensions. Immediately the students went to the lab, designed and printed in 3D models that show the issues well. There is no doubt that this certificate will be another essential tool in the “toolbox” that the students received as part of their studies at Migdal Ohr. Of particular note, one student could not participate in the ceremony since he had just enlisted to the IDF the day before, in the photos accompanying piece, you can see him on the screen of a phone “participating” and “receiving” his certificate.

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