“Lighting the Future” 50 Year Tribute with Israeli President Isaac Herzog


Migdal Ohr in Israel hosted an extremely moving evening to pay tribute to Rabbi Grossman and his wife for their impact on Israeli society and the lives of countless children

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house at Migdal Ohr’s Meirim Et HaAtid “Lighting the Future” event with Israel’s President Herzog in Tel Aviv this week. The auditorium was filled with children, adults, Members of Knesset, and elected officials paying tribute to 50 years of Rabbi Grossman’s work raising thousands of children and impacting Israeli society.

Our Executive Director, Amit Fraser, organised a group of donors to participate in this spectacular event and represent Migdal Ohr’s UK-based supporters.
The group came to express their gratitude to Rabbi and Rebbetzin Grossman for all they have done for the children of Israel and to demonstrate the vast network of support worldwide that is ensuring the next 50 years of Migdal Ohr!

The evening consisted of current and past students presenting incredibly moving personal stories of how Rabbi Grossman had saved their lives by empowering them to get to where they are today, as well as a powerful speech by President Herzog.
Chaim Dan, a mentor at Zoharim Youth Village, shared his story of being an orphan in Ukraine who Rabbi Grossman brought to Israel and raised to join the army. “I had nothing,” Chaim Dan said, “and today, after the four years I spent at Migdal Ohr, I have a wife, amazing children, and meaningful work. I have everything.”

Rabbi Grossman also spoke about his gratitude for you – the supporters without whom none of his achievements would be possible. Without whom, 20,000 children who have graduated and gone on to lead would be in the streets, in prison, or possibly not alive.
Videos of beautiful children played in the background as a young girl Rabbi Grossman encouraged to pursue music played the violin, and a teenage boy sang an original song. We had goosebumps watching a choir of Migdal Ohr’s elementary school students take the stage to thank the Grossmans. They brought home the life-changing impact of saving even one child from poverty and isolation and raising them surrounded by warmth, encouragement, and love.
The evening was catered by Migdal Ohr’s culinary arts program students, who spoke about their stories of being lost in life and finding their purpose and calling in culinary arts.

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