Help us to get survivors from massacred communities to safety

We urgently need your support for our emergency relief effort, called "Israel's Shield". This initiative represents our significant commitment to relocate over 2,000 people, including adults, babies, children, teenagers and the elderly who have survived the recent massacres.

We are facilitating the transfer of these families from communities and kibbutzim bordering with Gaza to lodgings in Jerusalem. Here, we wholeheartedly embrace the responsibility of addressing their immediate and evolving needs until a more stable plan can be established.

These needs are dynamic, ever-shifting as the situation unfolds. However, we have unwaveringly committed to stand by each family until they are securely settled and the crisis subsides. For the long term, we are exploring ways to assist them in rebuilding their lives, continuing therapy, and possibly transitioning to temporary accommodations until they can establish new homes.
With your generous support, we are resolute in providing the following:

  • Facilitating bus transportation to safety
  • Covering lodging expenses, including providing daily hot meals
  • Offering childcare and babysitting services
  • Organising daily activities
  • Providing essential grief counselling and trauma therapy
  • Distributing much-needed clothing, shoes, toiletries, and basic necessities

This monumental endeavour is one we wholeheartedly embrace, and we are resolute in our commitment to stand by our families during their most profound moments of despair.

We implore you to be part of this crucial mission, safeguarding lives and kindling hope during these dire times. By making a donation today, you join us in defending Israel's Shield, and together, we will confront these daunting challenges with unwavering determination. Your support and solidarity serve as the solid foundation upon which we will construct a safer and more resilient Israel for all.

Thank you for your support!