International Women’s Day Event “Inspire Me Wellness” with Phoebe Liebling


Tuesday 8th March 2022 at 10.30am-12:30pm in Belgravia, London
£25 per person, including brunch

We invite you to join us for a Women International Day Brunch in partnership with Phoebe Liebling, Nutritional Therapist & Clinical Director, followed by brunch.

This event is in aid of the Afikei Ohr Girls’ youth village, a unique and groundbreaking project in Israel for youth village for ultra-Orthodox girls at risk.

About Phoebe Liebling

Phoebe Liebling began Natural Nourishment with a clear view, to give clear, unbiased nutritional guidance, that empowers those who see her or 1 of her team to take charge of their own health long term. She truly believes that every mouthful does matter as the choices we make in terms of our diet have the power either to heal or to hurt us.

Running parallel to this however is the heart of a true food enthusiast, here to prove that living in a healthful way does not mean we must deprive ourselves of the things we enjoy, in fact the opposite is the case! Her creative recipes utilise ingredients in new ways, simple tweaks to how we cook transforms ‘unhealthy’ dishes into those that enhance our wellbeing, and this all marries together with positive lifestyle choices to optimise every aspect of mental and physical well-being.

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