From Tragedy to Triumph: A Celebration of Support and Solidarity with David Breuer-Weil


On Sunday, 23 June 2024, Migdal Ohr UK hosted an exclusive, private viewing of David Breuer-Weil’s “This Time” exhibition in Grosvenor Square. This event stood as a beacon of gratitude to our most valued donors, trustees, committees, and global team members. We expressed our deepest thanks and appreciation for their ongoing support of our gift-matching campaign, Light Up an Orphan’s Heart.

This evocative exhibition by renowned artist David Breuer-Weil offered a profound reflection on the atrocities of October 7th, serving as a poignant mirror of our age. We were honoured that David addressed the audience, explaining the meaning of his thought-provoking and moving art pieces and sculptures.

We also hosted a surprise and esteemed guest, Netanel Sharf,  Migdal Ohr’s Alumni and one of our success stories. Netanel came to Migdal Ohr as a child, where his love for music and singing flourished. Despite a difficult upbringing, he found comfort and fulfilment in music, encouraging him to join a popular Israeli TV singing competition and succeed. He soulfully sang “Am Israel Chai” and other beautiful songs, with the entire audience singing along and dancing in unity for Israel, accompanied by an Israeli DJ. It was truly a special event, bringing together so many people with the same vision of helping the children of Migdal Ohr.

Light Up an Orphan’s Heart was our 36-hour online match-funding campaign, which raised an astonishing £825,000 for our latest initiative, an Orphan’s ‘Plan for Life’. This programme aims to provide the orphans of October 7th with a structured support system from childhood to adulthood, offering vital immediate and long-term aid tailored to each child’s individual needs through their life stages.

Amit Fraser, Executive Director of Migdal Ohr UK, perfectly put it – “there is a lot of room in our hearts for everyone who has made this a success.”

Maurice Benisty, a Trustee, highlighted that since October 7th, with the bombardment of negative images and views in the news and on social media, it’s clear what we as a nation and organisation stand for. We need to stand together, stay strong, and continue doing the incredible work of helping those who are orphaned and affected by the atrocities of October 7th. 

A huge thank you, once again, to everyone who has contributed their time, donations, and efforts in our Light Up An Orphan’s Heart campaign to helping us continue our life-changing work for the children and people of Israel. 

They say, “One who saves a life saves a world.” This sentiment was felt throughout the event as guests stood as one, supporting and joining hands, hoping for miracles and a brighter tomorrow for Israel, its orphans, and at-risk children.

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