Be a part of the relief effort on the ground You can ensure that people are getting the food and essentials they need.

Migdal Ohr has been selected by the Government of Israel to operate a national relief effort. We are partnering with the Israeli Defense Force to help 40,000 people in need.

Everyone around the world is experiencing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic that has halted travel and business worldwide. Thousands have lost jobs or needed to close their businesses, making it nearly impossible to put food on the table. Homebound seniors are unable to get the medicines and essentials they need to make it through the day.

With the economy at a standstill, Israel's most vulnerable families - single parents, homebound seniors and families living below the poverty line - are now facing a growing crisis and are in dire need of our help. 
Migdal Ohr has been selected by the Government of Israel to work in partnership with the IDF on an emergency relief effort called Magen Yisrael (Israel Shield) to deliver food and essentials to 30,000 veteran civilians, including Holocaust survivors and 10,000 families in need We are also continuing to care for the 10,000 orphans and neglected children in our care who are living at our residential campuses and attending school online. 
A basic Emergency Assistance Kit, which is delivered fortnightly, costs £250 and provides a family for a month with staple dry and tinned food products, fruit and vegetables, and hygiene products including multi-use masks. It is crucial that we do not leave our neighbours behind in this unprecedented time. We need your help to ensure that everyone has what they need to make it through this pandemic by delivering aid to those who need it the most.


Procuring Food, Hygiene, and Household Products - Reaching out to companies to collect donations of food and essentials.

Staffing an Emergency Call Center - Operating a COVID-19 relief call center with government welfare agencies to receive inquiries from distressed citizens and aid organizations across Israel.

Storing and Packaging Emergency Kits - Establishing and operating a logistics center for receiving products and groceries as well as packing boxes for distribution.

Managing a Distribution Network - Working closely with the IDF, local municipalities, and welfare agencies to create a distribution network that deploys deliveries across Israel.

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Any monthly amount you can give, however small, will ensure our ability to keep responding with relief as this crisis deepens.

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