Turn a Child's Darkness Into Light


Be the miracle this Chanukah and sponsor an orphaned child.

As our Festival of Light approaches, we talked to the children of Migdal Ohr about the miracle of the oil that lasted for eight nights, and the Maccabees' faith and courage. We have been sharing lessons of resilience, perseverance and triumph against all odds. When we think of miracles, we think of you and the inspiring stories you have enabled through your incredible support. Thanks to you, we are able to provide home, food, education and a loving community to children who were left alone.

Today, we need your help to reach our final goal of raising £1million this year for the children growing up at Migdal Ohr. You can Turn A Child’s Darkness Into Light and give them a magical future by

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Each day we get closer to Chanukah and, by donating to the Migdal Ohr "Turn a Child's Darkness Into Light" appeal you will help us secure the future of our 12,000 existing students and open our educational institutions and dorms to more at-risk and neglected children. Our orphaned children need a miracle now more than ever.

Join us this Chanukah to help transform the lives of the most vulnerable among us, promoting our mutual aspiration for creating a better world.

Your Kindness. Their Future.

Please send a gift to our children and enable us to secure their future and open our educational institutions and dorms to more orphaned and neglected kids.  

* If you are able, please consider setting monthly donation or sending £1500 that can cover all the maintenance and teaching expenses of 20 children for a month.

Thank you so much in advance for your generous support. Wishing you and your family Chanukah Sameach!


All proceeds go to the Migdal Ohr Educational Institutions in Israel.


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Meet Chaim-Dan


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David's Journey

A miraculous story from our alumnus student


Chaim-Dan is just one of the thousands of alumni whose life was changed by Migdal Ohr and who is now making a difference in Israeli society.



My name is Chaim-Dan Blumkin.

I was born in Ukraine in the city of Munkács. When I was two and a half years old, my parents went to a family event and never returned. They were tragically killed in a car accident. I had a difficult childhood, to say the least, and was moved from relative to relative, but things changed completely when I was 14, and I met Rabbi Grossman.

He brought me to my new home in Israel and raised me like a son. I remember when Rabbi Grossman first came to greet all of the new students at Migdal Ohr. He was a towering figure with a white beard and gentle eyes, and he hugged us like a loving father, welcoming us home. At that moment, I knew that everything would be alright.

Thanks to kind people like you, I finally had a home of my own and wonderful mentors who cared for me and inspired to strive for excellence, passing on the kindness I had received to others. After ten years as a commander and officer in the IDF, I came home to Migdal Ohr as the Programme Director of the Zoharim Youth Village.

For the past seven years, my wife Tirzah and I have been privileged to raise our children here whilst working with troubled youth. Every day, I remind the boys that they can overcome the toughest obstacles and find meaning and purpose in life.

I was once an orphan alone in the world, and Migdal Ohr changed everything. Donors like you gave me a new chance at life. I owe my family, career and future to your vision and support."

An inspiring storybook to every child

Chaim-Dan Blumkin's life story inspired us to publish a book called "David's Journey." It tells the story of how a child can overcome darkness and find a new family and home in Israel.

Teach your children the importance of family values through this meaningful book.

Order the short online storybook for £7.50 from our e-shop.


Please help our children during this Chanukah by sending a monthly gift to them.

You really can make a difference

Join us and help continue our mission to provide a warm and accepting home to thousands of children.