Celebrating International Women’s Day: Empowerment, Equality, and Progress


Happy International Women’s Day! At Migdal Ohr UK, we join the world in honouring the resilience, strength, and contributions of women, especially in our charity, in our facilities and all the women, youth and girls in our care.


“Inspire Inclusion” is the poignant theme for International Women’s Day 2024. It urges us to foster environments where every individual feels valued, respected, and included, regardless of gender. This lies at the foundation of many of our facilities in Israel, including Afikei Ohr Girls’ Youth Village which takes care of ultra-Orthodox girls at risk. At Migdal Ohr UK, we resonate deeply with this theme as we champion the cause of inclusivity and empowerment for all our women and girls.

Feeding the Hungry at Meir Panim: Their first stop was at Meir Panim, where they donned aprons and set to work preparing nourishing meals for those in need. Their efforts also extended to providing food for our dedicated soldiers, ensuring those who protect us are well-fed and appreciated.

“I am proud to lead an organisation in the UK with an all-female staff dedicated to empowering others who are at risk and need help. By fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment, we not only uplift each other but also serve as role models for our community. Together, we are breaking barriers and paving the way for a more equitable future” – Amit Fraser, Executive Director of Migdal Ohr UK. 

“One such initiative Migdal Ohr is committed to is empowering over 100 young women aged 15-18 in our Afikei Ohr Girls’ village. Through education, mentorship, and access to resources, we provide them with the tools they need to realise their potential and become leaders in their communities. By investing in their futures, we are building a brighter tomorrow for us all” added Fraser.

Empowerment lies at the heart of gender equality. It means giving women the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to thrive. Migdal Ohr UK’s programmes aim to do just that by providing education, vocational training, therapeutic processes and mentorship to women and girls, enabling them to pursue their dreams and build better futures for themselves and their communities.

Moreover, economic empowerment is crucial for gender equality especially when being brought up in an ultra Orthodox community. When women have control over their lives and finances, they gain independence and agency in decision-making. Migdal Ohr’s vocational programmes help women develop marketable skills, join initiatives, and achieve financial stability, giving them the confidence to shape their own destinies.

Breaking the bias requires collective action. It calls on individuals, communities, and governments to challenge outdated attitudes and practices that perpetuate gender inequality, which is why as Israel’s leading welfare charity, we are passionate about amplifying women’s rights and voices. 

At Migdal Ohr UK, we are committed to being agents of change. Through our advocacy efforts, we strive to address the root causes of gender inequality and create a society where every woman and girl can thrive. International Women’s Day is a reminder of the progress we’ve made and the work that still lies ahead.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let us honour the achievements of our women past and present. Let us also recommit ourselves to the fight for gender equality, ensuring that future generations of women have the opportunity to live in a world where their rights are respected, their voices are heard, and their potential is limitless.

At Migdal Ohr UK, we stand in solidarity with women everywhere, working towards a future where every woman and girl can live with dignity, equality, and freedom.

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