You can empower our young people and make their weddings into a real celebration

The programme was established in 2007 to help alumni couples in Israel who do not have the means for even a modest wedding. Covering these expenses helps to alleviate some of the burdens imposed on these young brides-to-be, and our young couples can begin a new life without the additional stress of struggling to pay their bills. Instead, they can focus on secondary education and the marital relationship – the means to a solid future.

Full bridal sponsorship means a couple receives an entire wedding which includes a wedding dress, invitations, a ceremony and reception venue, catering, and a one-man band to enhance their special day. Additionally, they are provided with financial assistance which covers rent, furniture, appliances, and various household items. There are about 250 Migdal Ohr alumni couples who get married each year, and every pound donated to the Bridal Fund goes directly to the couple in need, with no organisational overhead taken.

Funding for this programme is critical to ensuring that the children of Migdal Ohr will have the ability to create future generations of empowered, productive and engaged citizens of Israel. With your help to make the weddings of our young people a real celebration, we can give them the confidence to enter their new lives with dignity and everything they need to thrive on their own.

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“Thank you. We owe everything to you - the generous donors to the Bayit B’Yisrael Fund - who stepped in to make our wedding a true Simcha, a joyous occasion.”

- Hannah and Eran