Join us today in transforming the lives of the most vulnerable among us, promoting our mutual aspiration for “Tikun-Olam", repairing the world.

Migdal Ohr UK will be running a 36-hour, online fund-matched event on 20th-21st June 2021 to raise £1,000,000. Simply put, every pound raised will be matched and effectively doubled, and we'd love for you to get involved. Successful crowdfunding requires as many people to be reached out to as possible and this works best if anyone who is passionate about what we do just reaches out to their contacts and requests their support. Small or big, all donations will help.

Migdal Ohr's primary mission is to look after and nurture children who would otherwise not find comfort, love and care in their own home and who are often deprived of required family support. Over the last year, as the pandemic gripped the world, we did not have the luxury of locking down. Migdal Ohr stayed open and continued to provide a home for all the children in their care, as well as somewhere to stay for those who were sent home from the army with nowhere else to go. Also, during the current attacks on Israel, Migdal Ohr has had to evacuate the children from its facilities in the south of Israel.

Traditionally, the Israeli Government covers 60% of Migdal Ohr’s running costs, but they were forced to cut this budget. Israel's children need you today, more than ever.

Join us for this vital campaign and Be A Light for Every Child