Amanda Ibgui’s visit to Migdal Ohr


On 23rd March 2022, we enjoyed hosting Amanda Ibgui at Migdal Ohr in Israel for her first visit to our facilities.

Amanda was very incredibly moved by seeing our children and the staff. She was also highly impressed by the considerable progress that Migdal Ohr has achieved.

Amanda Said:

What Rabbi Grossman created in 50 years is beyond impressive!

A couple of weeks ago. I had the chance to spend a day in Migdal Ohr and the warm, welcoming kindness of the people who I had the pleasure to meet on the day was wonderful. From my understanding, most of the people who work there are alumni of this amazing institution.
Where else in the world can you see a place like this, dedicated to children with personal and family issues?
I’m talking about 12,000 boys and girls, from newborn babies to young adults, who live there together, supervised by families and people who give them education, respect and, above all, LOVE!
These kids are all smiling – as happy and secure as they can be, considering their situation.
The organisation, the teaching and the love this team provides are beyond belief … until you see it with your own eyes!

I also had the chance to meet with the Rabbi’s wife, who is strong and sweet and the facility that Rebbetzen Esther created for the brides-to-be is like a fairy tale. She is the force behind the man, and they built this city together.

Migdal Ohr is comparable to any good campus in the States but, if I had to choose just one word to sum up my visit, it would be “LOVE”!

To visit our facilities and learn more about our projects Please click here.

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