Breakfast for Advocacy: A Private Gathering in Support of Israel

Advocating for Israel A Discussion on Antisemitism, Diversity, and the Future (3)

Breakfast for Advocacy: A Private Gathering in Support of Israel


Thursday, 14th March 2024 at 8.30 am-10:30 am, London

Suggested donation minimum £35 per person, including a light breakfast 

Join us for an engaging breakfast discussion, Advocating for Israel: A Dialogue on Antisemitism, Diversity, and the Future, featuring distinguished speakers Rachel Riley and Amy Anzel. This exclusive event is a platform to explore the significance of supporting Israel, the imperative fight against antisemitism, the importance of diversity, and the collective hope for a brighter future. Through the lens of our esteemed speakers, gain valuable insights and partake in a profound conversation designed to educate, inspire, and mobilise. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with Rachel and Amy’s inspiring stories and their shared commitment to a cause that resonates deeply within our community. Together, let’s contribute to a conversation that supports Israel and champions a world marked by greater understanding and tolerance.

All proceeds from the event will directly support our Magen Israel Emergency Relief, benefiting over 2,000 displaced families in need. 

Join us in making a difference.

Our Speakers

Rachel Riley

A renowned television presenter and mathematician, celebrated for her work on the British television show Countdown. Beyond her television career, Rachel is a vocal advocate against antisemitism and a passionate supporter of Israel. Her dedication to promoting social justice and fighting discrimination makes her a compelling voice in today’s discourse on human rights and tolerance.

Amy Anzel

A successful entrepreneur, actress, and producer with a rich background in both the entertainment industry and philanthropy. Amy’s advocacy for Israel and her efforts to combat antisemitism stem from a deep commitment to fostering peace and understanding across diverse communities. Her work emphasizes the importance of dialogue, education, and action in creating a more inclusive and respectful society.

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