£958,000 raised for building new dormitories for orphaned children


This year’s “Light Up a Child’s Future” campaign surpassed the achievements of previous years, setting a new standard for success. The overwhelming support and generosity of donors propelled the campaign to incredible heights, marking it as a truly fantastic and unprecedented accomplishment.

The goal was ambitious and critical: to raise enough funds to build new dormitories, offering comfort, security, and a place to orphaned and abandoned children that they could finally call home. Thanks to the remarkable kindness of donors, Migdal Ohr successfully raised an astounding £958,084, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of countless deserving children.

The launch of the campaign was broadcasted. The team’s enthusiasm and anticipation radiated, reflecting their deep commitment to the cause and their belief in the transformative power of their collective efforts.

Amit Fraser, the dedicated and passionate Executive Director of Migdal Ohr UK, spearheaded the “Light Up a Child’s Future” campaign, leading it with unwavering commitment and determination.

The success of the “Light Up a Child’s Future” campaign can be attributed to the outstanding teamwork exhibited by the four dedicated trustees: Oren Peleg, Richard Haruni, Maurice Benisty, and Andy Album. Their collective efforts, shared vision, and unwavering commitment played a pivotal role in mobilising support and rallying donors.

Maurice Benisty, along with his family, not only demonstrated their generosity as donors but also showcased their commitment to the children of Migdal Ohr by celebrating their son’s Bar Mitzvah with orphaned children and by extending their support to the special Bridal Fund.

In addition to the trustees, special recognition is owed to all the staff and volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure the campaign’s success. The remarkable synergy and collaboration among these individuals exemplify the power of teamwork in making a tangible difference in the lives of orphaned children.

The campaign was further fueled by the fantastic supporters who stood by its side, creating their own fundraising pages. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the incredible donors who generously contributed to the cause.

We would like to draw attention to some inspiring alumni members of Migdal Ohr. Isaac Kakone, together with Moshe, exemplify the unwavering dedication and transformative impact of individuals who work tirelessly to uplift children in need.

To every donor who contributed to Migdal Ohr’s “Light Up a Child’s Future” campaign, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your selflessness and compassion have brought light into the lives of children. Thanks to your generosity, 400 orphaned children will get a nurturing home and a bright future by moving into our new dormitories.

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