You can change the life of an orphaned, neglected child and provide everything they need to thrive.

What we do

Migdal Ohr institutions teach every day, thousands of children from across the spectrum of Israel’s population in dozens of day-care centres, kindergartens, grade schools, middle and high schools for girls & boys, and vocational & academic departments.

The children of Migdal Ohr benefit from individual attention and education for values which provides them with a firm foundation for a new life of creativity and contribution to society and the state.

Youth Village Zoharim Boarding School

Foster Family Care Programme

Gefan Educational Institution

Sponsor a Child

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Twinning

Celebratory Giving

News & Events

Rabbi Grossman Lights Chanukah Candles at the Knesset

10 Jan 2022

Rabbi Grossman is a unifying figure and a source of light to all of Israel The traditional candle-lighting ceremony at…

Children Celebrate Chanukah with their Mishpachton Families

10 Jan 2022

The nights of Chanukah are brighter because you have given children a home Chanukah brings us around the table and…

Migdal Ohr Teens Visit Army Bases throughout Chanukah

10 Jan 2022

One of the main lessons that Rabbi Grossman teaches our youth is the importance of spreading light to others and…

Without us, many of these children would have no where else to go and their lives would have no hope. Without YOU we cannot continue to provide a warm, loving home to thousands of children, you can make a real difference