Sponsor a Child for Purim

As we approach the festival of Purim, a time celebrated with costumes, Mishloach Manot, and community unity, it's important to remember those for whom joy is overshadowed by adversity. At Migdal Ohr, our mission is to bring the warmth and celebration of Purim to every child under our care, especially those facing ongoing challenges.
This year, we invite you to join our "Sponsor a Child" campaign for Purim. Your sponsorship will gift a child in need with a festive costume, a Mishloach Manot, and the chance to partake in Purim activities, infusing their lives with joy and a sense of belonging.

Your Kindness. Their Future.

Please enable us to reach our target of 40,000 parcels for Migdal Ohr’s Sponsor a Child for Purim Campaign.
* If you are able, please consider sponsoring a complete Purim family meal for £1,800 or a larger delivery of food for £1,000 that will feed an entire family for a week.

All proceeds go to the Migdal Ohr Sponsor a Child for Purim Campaign in Israel.


Simply fill out the form below and receive your Book!

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The story of Hila Edri and her family exemplifies the resilience and strength that your support can nurture. Displaced by conflict last October, they found refuge and a fresh start at Migdal Ohr. With the compassionate embrace of the Pninat Ohr school community, Hila received education and a nurturing environment, catalysing growth, learning, and healing for the whole family. Hila, inspired by this support, now actively contributes to our activities, showcasing the healing power of community.
By sponsoring a child this Purim, you're not just providing gifts; you're offering a beacon of hope, much like we did for Hila and her family. You will receive a photo of the child you've sponsored in their Purim costume and a note of thanks, but the true reward is the knowledge that you've played a pivotal role in brightening a child's life.
Thank you for your incredible support for the children of Migdal Ohr this Purim. May your generosity bring happiness to those in need and blessings to you and your loved ones.

Let's make this Purim a turning point for children like those in the Edri family, demonstrating the profound impact of empathy, community, and resilience. Together, we can transform lives and rebuild hope amidst adversity.

You really can make a difference

Join us and help continue our mission to provide a warm and accepting home to thousands of children.

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We've Come So Far!

Migdal Ohr helps tens of thousands of needy families throughout the country ahead of the holidays.

For two decades, the organization has been holding the Chag Saveah  for Children campaign, in which volunteers from all over the Israeli spectrum – secular, ultra-Orthodox, soldiers, school children, celebrities, politicians and members of Knesset – take part.

The spirit of giving and love of Rabbi Grossman unites all around him with the joy of doing and helping others.

More than 40,000 food parcels are distributed to needy families every year
Two decades of giving in the Chag Saveah for Children campaign
So far, over one hundred thousand of families have received food packages before Jewish holidays
Thousands of volunteers help us every year to collect, pack and distribute food parcels