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Israel's Shield Emergency Appeal: Unite to Protect Lives

A catastrophe of unthinkable proportions unfolds in Israel, marked by lost lives, innumerable injuries, and a nation thrust abruptly into a war that touches every citizen. Mourning, healing, and battling are all occurring simultaneously, underscoring the critical need for unity and support amidst such unparalleled challenges.

In these trying times, Migdal Ohr has not wavered in its dedication to the well-being of children under its care and its wider commitment to the community:

  • Support for Children:
    • Fortification of bomb shelters in schools and dormitories, ensuring preparedness for extended stays.
    • Psychologists and social workers providing crucial guidance on aiding children through trauma.
    • Organization of camps for children with special needs, alleviating pressure on parents.
  • Support for IDF Soldiers:
    • Providing soldiers and reservists essential supplies such as undergarments, toiletries, and socks.
    • Delivering mattresses and bedding to IDF bases and camps.
    • Supplying protective gear and dispatching care packages to those on the frontlines.
  • Assistance to Families at Hospitals:
    • Enhancing hospital amenities across Israel, ensuring comfort for the wounded and their families.
    • Offering emotional and material support to the families of the injured during their hospital stays.

Magen Yisrael Resettlement Effort:

A monumental relief operation is underway: the "Magen Yisrael Resettlement Effort" aims to relocate approximately 1,500 individuals, including families, babies, children, and the elderly who have survived atrocities near the Gaza border, to hotels in Jerusalem. Every need is being met—providing shelter, food, clothing, activities, therapy, and counseling during this tumultuous period—until a stable, forward path becomes clear. These traumatized families have endured unimaginable horrors, and it is our collective duty to ensure they find safety and support.

A Call to Am Yisrael: In these trying times, the unity and generosity of Am Yisrael are our greatest strengths. To realize the immense efforts required to bring relief and support to those affected, your urgent assistance and backing are pivotal.

Together, let us make a difference in the lives of those who are suffering. Messages of prayer and blessings for the affected families are welcomed with open arms and will be delivered personally.


Rabbi Grossman, our founder, and the entire Migdal Ohr family extend heartfelt thanks to all who stand with us. Your support, prayers, and unity are beacons of light during these dark times, providing the strength and resilience needed to navigate through this devastating crisis. May we all find peace and unity soon.


Together, we can make a significant difference. Donating to the Migdal Ohr Emergency Appeal will provide the urgently needed lifeline. Your generosity is their hope and strength.

All proceeds go to the Migdal Ohr Soldiers Emergency Appeal Campaign in Israel.


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