Passover Gift Voucher




As Passover approaches, we’re reminded of the hardships faced by thousands of displaced families in Israel since the events of October 7th. Over 700,000 children in Israel won’t be able to eat during the festival. The joy and hope that this season traditionally brings are overshadowed by the struggle of these families to secure even the most basic of needs.

For over 20 years, Migdal Ohr has provided essential food packages through the Chag Saveah for Children Campaign. This year, due to the war and economic struggles, we need your help more than ever to ensure these families receive support. These packages are not just about providing the items necessary for a traditional Seder, but about delivering sustenance, hope, and a sense of community during these trying times.

We’re working with IDF soldiers, volunteers, and local communities to provide food and supplies for 40,000 families in need.

Please help us provide a festive meal for children and families in need. Please send as many food parcels as you can:

1 food parcel for £50.

5 food parcels for £250.

10 food parcels for £500.

20 food parcels for £1000.


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