A Message From Rabbi Grossman

Without Migdal Ohr, many children at risk would have no where else to go. Without YOU, we cannot continue to provide a warm, loving home to thousands of children. You help makes all the difference.


What we do

Migdal Ohr institutions teach every day, thousands of children from across the spectrum of Israel’s population in dozens of day-care centres, kindergartens, grade schools, middle and high schools for girls & boys, and vocational & academic departments.

The children of Migdal Ohr benefit from individual attention and education for values which provides them with a firm foundation for a new life of creativity and contribution to society and the state.

Youth village Zoharim Boarding School

Zoharim Youth Village is a boarding school and a pioneer in this sphere. provides a safe home and stable environment for at-risk Orthodox boys who dropped out of the Orthodox educational system and were abandoned by their family.

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Foster Family Day Care Programme

In this project, every foster family looks after twelve children. They all live together, where the foster carers provide practical and emotional support to those children in order to help them thrive and build the skills that they would require for adulthood.

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Educational Institution

Migdal Ohr serves as an important educational institution for 6,000 children, who came from disadvantaged families. It provides help and support through professional staff, such as specialised therapists, teachers and social workers.

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Help us save over 260,000 at-risk children in Israel, a figure we cannot live with

This is one of the highest poverty rates in the developed world and double the rate of the UK. This has to change and we can't do it without your help