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A short and inspiring story about an orphan child, finding a new family


David's Journey

The book is written in a narrative style for supportive adults to help children explore the thoughts and feelings of David, and help them understand of the world of At Risk Children.


Great for children

An easy to understand story to engage your child and introduce them to new life experiences.

Money goes to charity

All proceeds go directly towards supporting children just like David.

Based on a true story

This story is about a child that was actually at Migdal Ohr.

Migdal Ohr

Learn more about how we’ve helped at-risk children for over 40 years.


Do you want to discover my story?

Migdal Ohr’s books are written in a simple way for children who are learning to read from ages 4 to 8. However, it's also suitable for children that are younger than 4, who cannot read yet.