Kindle Hope: Celebrate Chanukah with Migdal Ohr's "Box of Giving"

This Chanukah, embark on a creative project with your child and raise meaningful money together using our charity box!

Migdal Ohr’s Charity Box – "Box of Giving" has been created in order to raise much-needed funds for Migdal Ohr’s Chanukah Campaign, which helps tens of thousands of families in need throughout Israel ahead of the Jewish holidays.

The charity box is a fun and easy way to encourage your child(ren) to start saving up their spare change in order to donate to our charity. It gives your child a creative project whilst at the same time teaching them about charitable giving! 

This Chanukah, join Migdal Ohr in our heartwarming campaign that nurtures the spirit of giving in children. Our "Box of Giving" initiative offers a unique, hands-on experience for our children to learn and actively participate in acts of charitable giving for those families and children most in need.

Children can download and assemble their own charity box in a few easy steps. This box isn’t just a container; it’s a tool for learning compassion and about other people. As kids fill it with their savings, they're not only saving for things they desire but also understanding the value of money and the patience needed to achieve their goals.

While children save to help those in need, for their wishes, their parents are also encouraged to contribute a portion to help less fortunate kids. This dual-purpose approach highlights the importance of charity from a young age, instilling empathy, and social responsibility.

Your donations – no matter what size - are crucial for supporting Migdal Ohr's efforts to provide for children in need.

Let’s unite together with Migdal Ohr to transform this Festival of Lights into a period of joy and hope for everyone, and at the same time, teach our children the timeless value of giving!


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Get Creative

We have created an easy to use template, outlining all of the steps to take in order to construct the box. There are guide lines for your children to follow when cutting and folding, and we've left a blank side for them to customise it using some of their creative flair!

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All we need is your name and email address and you will receive your PDF straight away so you can get started right now!

Make a Meaningful Impact This Chanukah with Migdal Ohr

As we nurture the spirit of giving this Chanukah, we face one of the hardest challenges Israel has ever faced: thousands of families displaced by war who urgently need our help.

Your donation can provide critical support—safe housing, food, transportation, and grief counselling.

This campaign is more than charity; it's a lesson in compassion for our children. Please join us in making a meaningful difference. Every contribution counts.

Every donation, whether big or small, helps provide essential needs, educational support, and a sense of belonging. Let’s join hands with Migdal Ohr to make this Festival of Lights a time of happiness and hope for all. Together, we have the power to illuminate even the darkest corners and bring warmth to the hearts of those who need it most.

Donate now and be a part of a miracle this Chanukah.