About us

Migdal Ohr “Tower of Light” was established in 1972 by Israel Prize Winner and Presidential Medal of Distinction recipient Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman. Driven by a deep-rooted love for Israel and the Jewish people, he has devoted his life’s work to social issues and to educating children-at-risk.

Migdal Ohr is Israel’s largest welfare non-profit educational network that provides an enlightening framework of critical services and life-changing essential programmes to nearly 12,000 deprived, orphaned and at-risk Jewish children across Israel. Its facilities include dozens of day-care centres, preschools, primary and secondary schools, vocational schools and academic institutions, boarding schools, foster homes and after-school clubs. The children enrolled in these programmes come from both religious and secular backgrounds, some are native Israelis while others made Aliyah, and they represent every ethnicity and diaspora community.

Some are residents of Migdal ha'Emek, while others come from every part of Israel. Migdal Ohr provides a warm, supportive and loving home in every way possible, from accommodation, meals, clothing and health services to vocational and academic training, educational opportunities and cultural activities as well as the instilling of Jewish and Zionist values. Join us and help continue our mission to provide a warm and accepting home to thousands of children.


We've Come So Far!

Over the years this single educational institution founded by Rabbi Grossman grew into an educational campus that teaches and educates thousands of students.

Some are from needy families, orphans, and others from families of new immigrants recently arrived in Israel. All benefit from the educational campuses as well as from a warm and caring environment in the boarding school.

Students have graduated from Migdal Ohr over the years
of graduates pursue higher education either in college or Yeshiva
children participate in Migdal Ohr's summer camp each year
Impoverished and at-risk children are provided a home annually

Rabbi Yitchak Dovid Grossman

The President of Migdal Ohr Institutions and the head of Rabbi Grossman Enterprises, Rabbi Grossman’s special character and his deep-rooted love of Israel implanted in him the desire to devote himself to bringing people closer together and to educate youth at-risk.

The Rabbi makes significant and important contributions towards unifying the Jewish people and devotes much time and energy in the fields of education, welfare and social issues.


Seeing the Good in People - Part 1


Seeing the Good in People - Part 2


Our Projects

We have many different projects helping children from all types of backgrounds, ensuring they all have a chance for a brighter future