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Meet Adele, Malka, Mushka and Not, all recent graduates of Afikei Ohr in Israel. Before arriving at this girls-only youth village, each had experienced family trauma and neglect, leading to low self-esteem, no life direction and disruptive behaviour in and out of school.

About Afikei Ohr Youth Village

The Afikei Ohr Youth Village in Migdal ha’Emek is a unique and groundbreaking project in Israel, providing a comprehensive and systematic response to the consistent increase in the number of teenage girls who have dropped out for various reasons from the ultra-Orthodox society, living in risky conditions alienated from and excluded by their families and community. This residential school for 120 girls provides them with a warm second home and educational framework in which all their material and emotional needs are met. The loving and warm youth village staff provide the girls with professional training and emotional support, prepare them for their matriculation exams and help them plan out their ethical, spiritual and professional futures.

The students receive a rich curriculum and high-quality education, and professional training includes hands-on experience in agriculture and participation in the “Mevashlim l’Atid” culinary programme and a variety of relevant workshops and recreational programmes. Upon graduation, the girls enrol in institutions of higher learning, and many also undertake National Service in the Israel Defence Force.

The Youth Village works with the support and supervision of the Ministry of Education to empower these girls to define their own identities, develop new skills and talents, build self-esteem and confidence, and later lead productive lives as contributing members of Israeli society.

Meet Adele, Malka, Mushka

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